The North Loop is one of America's top hipster neighborhoods, according to Forbes

Are you a hipster considering a move to the Twin Cities? Forbes thinks you'll feel most at home in the North Loop.
Are you a hipster considering a move to the Twin Cities? Forbes thinks you'll feel most at home in the North Loop.

Eat your Herkimer out, Uptown. Northeast? Ain't Grumpy enough, apparently. Because according to what looks to be a pretty thorough Forbes study, the Twin Cities' hipster hotspot is the North Loop.

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The Loop ranks 12th on Forbes list of "America's Best Hipster Neighborhoods," edging ahead of other places where you can hear "Right ons" fluttering in the breeze like San Diego's North Park and Philly's Northern Liberties.

Here's how Forbes conducted the study: helped us dig through data on more than 250 neighborhoods in the biggest U.S. cities. We assessed each area's walkability according to; the number of neighborhood coffee shops per capita (with a little help from NPD Group's report); the assortment of local food trucks (and their ranking according to Zagat's); the number and frequency of farmers markets; the number of locally owned bars and restaurants; and the percentage of residents who work in artistic occupations. We also factored in Nextdoor's Neighborhood "Hipness" Index, which is based on how often words associated with hipness appeared on each Nextdoor neighborhood's site pages, and Nextdoor conducted a survey in which members sounded off on their communities.

And here's what they had to say about the North Loop:

Also known as the Warehouse District, this centrally located hood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its large warehouses have been converted to apartments, boutiques and restaurants in recent years. Bike trails, a park and an arts collective Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art also boost the hipness quotient.

Twelfth is impressive, but it also means there's 11 'hoods somehow containing more fixed-gear ridin', skinny-jean wearin' Wavves fans. Here they are:

1. Silver Lake, Los Angeles
2. Mission District, San Fran
3. Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC
4. Wicker Park, Chicago
5. Pearl District, Portland
6. H Street Corridor, D.C.
7. East Austin, Austin
8. Capitol Hill, Seattle
9. The Uptown, Oakland
10. Warehouse District, New Orleans
11. Downtown Portland, Portland (Maine)

Expect Minneapolis' hipster enclaves to shoot up the list next year once Forbes factors in tall bikes. I've already sent them as Instagram about it.

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