The new Green Giant looks like he just took a bong rip [PHOTO]

The new Green Giant (left) looks a little jollier than he used to (right).
The new Green Giant (left) looks a little jollier than he used to (right).

Squinty eyes, raised eyebrows, a shit-eating smirk -- the new Green Giant looks like he enjoys greens in more ways than one, if you catch my drift.

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General Mills recently reintroduced the big fella as the spokes-giant for the company's One Giant Pledge please-eat-more-vegetables campaign. The idea was to tone down his look in hopes of making him friendlier. Come to think of it, he does look like my friends... as they chug granola after smoking a big ol' bong load.

Judge for yourself:

The giant was created by the Minnesota Valley Canning Co. almost a century ago and has been around ever since, though General Mills hasn't put him to work very much over the past decade or so. But that's changing, as Minneapolis-based Olson is in the process of rolling out the One Giant Pledge campaign. The giant, complete with his legendary "ho-ho-ho," will even be appearing in fresh TV ads soon, the Star Tribune reports.

A return to full-time work, looking like that? Apparently General Mills doesn't force employees to take drug tests.

-- Hat-tip: David Brauer --

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