The morning after: backlash and blame in the GOP ranks

For hardcore Republicans, the re-election of Governor Tim Pawlenty would seem to be the silver lining to an otherwise demoralizing night. But not all party faithful are taking solace in the governor's against-the-odds triumph. Among the fumers: Andy Aplikowski, chair of the Republican Senate District 51, fervant Mark Kennedy booster and proprietor of the blog, Residual Forces.

In his post mortem post, Aplikowski calls for the head of Republican State Party chair Ron Carey, whom he blames for failing to deliver support to any candidate other than Pawlenty:

They put all of their energy into one race, and barely won it. Meanwhile, they let everything else go and it was up to the individual candidates. Sure we have the Governor, but what good will that be? He's all alone now. There is no one left to even try to push him to the right. Because of the tunnel vision of putting all of the eggs in that one basket, they let them steal our entire henhouse.

Margaret Martin, wife of Taxpayers League President David Strom, echoes the sentiment in the comment thread. She aims a little bile Pawlenty's way just for good measure:

Pawlenty has done more to keep the base demoralized and disorganized than any governor, republican or democrat in the last 10 years. At least there was no pretense with Arnie. Why does he do this? Because it benefits him politically. It's Machievellian. It works. He almost lost this time but since he didn't it won't matter. Pawlenty sucked all the money and other resources of the election for Republicans.

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