The Minnesota Electorate: Bleeding purple, leaning blue


While everyone else is talking about the real swing states like Virgina, Colorado and Indiana, Minnesota will most likely be left out of tomorrow's voter analysis, notes Minn Post's Eric Black. Relatively unnoticed on the national scene and often put off by pundits as a Blue state, Black argues that historically speaking Minnesota is more purple, leaning blue.

[W]e who live here know that Minnesota hasn't been so very solid blue for at least 30 years. Since 1978, Republicans have won seven of 11 U.S. Senate elections in Minnesota. Democrats have lost the last five gubernatorial elections. As recently as 2005, Republicans held three of the four statewide Constitutional Offices, a majority in the state House of Representatives and half of the Minn congressional seats. ...It's hard to read those last three sentences and conclude that Minnesota was any bastion of Dem strength.

Black's story is admittedly full of "what ifs," but worth a read as he looks into the possibility of Minnesota becoming bluer than ever.

...a double-digit win for Obama in Minnesota, a pickup of one or two more U.S. House seats for the Dems creating the most lopsided Democratic majority ever in the state's delegation, a win for Franken in the closest Senate race in the country moving the Senate Democrats a titch closer to the goal of a 60-member filibuster-proof majority, and a five-seat pickup in the state House creating twin-veto-proof majorities.