The lege: Pawlenty calls for meeting at "isolated cabin" to settle budget impasse

Clearly he's never seen The Evil Dead

Mark Brunswick writes in today's Strib that Governor Tim Pawlenty has an idea for settling the legislature's budget stalemate: Take key House and Senate leaders deep into the woods and stay there in seclusion, with no hope of escape, until a deal is done. Republicans Steve Sviggum and Dick Day and DFLer Matt Entenza have agreed to join Pawlenty; DFLer Dean Johnson, sounding every bit like a man who had seen The Blair Witch Project with his kids, would only say through a spokesman that he was "considering the trip."

Extreme times call for extreme measures, but for their own sake the conferees should take this simple quiz before adjourning to a cabin in the middle of nowhere:

Late one night, you are hashing through the allocation of cigarette tax proceeds for the fourth time when a blood-curdling cry from somewhere outside the cabin pierces your deliberations, followed by a great commotion in which you hear trees splitting as if struck by lightning. What is the proper response?

A) "There's something out there--let's all fan out in the woods and see what it is!"

B) "I'm going to climb the hill behind that old burial ground to see if I can can get a cell phone signal to call for help."

C) "Let's at least unlock the door--if somebody out there is hurt, they'll be able to get inside even if we're asleep."

D) "Let's stay inside with the door locked and just keep working on the budget."

The correct answer, of course, is A.

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