The largest employer in Minnesota is Minnesota

Mark Dayton, Barack Obama: Minnesota's greatest bosses.
Mark Dayton, Barack Obama: Minnesota's greatest bosses.

We have officially entered phase three of the plan to turn America into a socialist country: Everyone in Minnesota works for Mark Dayton or Barack Obama.

Well, not everyone. But the top two employers in the state of Minnesota are the state government and the federal government, in that order. In fact, the state government is way out in front, even of the federal government, according to a new report from the Business Journal.

And, according to the state employment website, they're not done vacuuming up all the employable adults: As of this morning, they're hiring!

Of the top seven employers in the state, only two private companies added jobs in the last two years: Target Corp., and Wal-Mart. According to this report, in the America of the near future, everyone works for the state, shops at a big-box store, and spends a lot of time in the hospital.

Oh, who are we kidding? That's the present.

The state employs 40,208 people to grab the No. 1 spot, according to the Business Journal's list. Bear in mind that these people aren't necessarily all paper-pushing bureaucrats: Among the 230 job listings currently on the state's job postings website are dozens of positions at MnSCU colleges, and full-time opportunities to work directly with fish for the Department of Natural Resources.

As the No. 2 employer, the federal government employs 34,000 in Minnesota, an increase of three percent since 2009. In total, the federal government employs 1.9 million people nationwide, so, with about 1.8 percent of them working in Minnesota, we're actually getting the short end of the stick there.

Finally, the list gets to some free-market jobs, with the Mayo Foundation's 32,893 jobs making it the third biggest employer in Minnesota. The prestigious hospital business is actually on the down-slope, though, having cut 11 percent of its employee base  in the last two years. Locally, Fairview Health Services employs 20,178 people, good enough for No. 7 on the Business Journal's list, but they're also hurting, having lost 6 percent of jobs since 2009.

So, who's doing well, besides Barack Obama's army of tax collectors and union goons? Pretty much, the people who dislike him the most: Target, the No. 4 largest employer in the state, added a whopping 5 percent more in-state jobs over two years, to bring its total to 30,500. Those 30,500 spend a whole lot of time helping Gregg Steinhafel, super-conservative CEO, pull in $24 million in compensation last year.

Equally anti-union, anti-tax megacorporation Wal-Mart added a few hundred Minnesota jobs to get to 20,434, or sixth-most in the state.

Nationally, of course, Wal-Mart crushes Target, with 2.1 million employees and $419 billion in annual revenue, as compared to Target's 355,000 employees and $65 billion in revenue.

But do you know who's making the most dough, enough to make Wal-Mart's billions seem like pocket lint? Barack Obama, that's who. Every year, he's pulling in $3.8 trillion in revenue -- or about $2 million per employee. Obama's tooling around in a private jet, wearing nice suits, and you'll never see him without his bodyguards. Obama and his family live in a northern Virginia mansion where he's waited on hand and foot, and he reportedly has weekly lunches with Vice President Joe Biden.

Jealous, Steinhafel?

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