The juicy bits of Ed Klein's Hillary potboiler

Slate has thoughtfully summarized the more salacious parts of the dreadful Edward Klein's The Truth About HillaryPretty thin gruel, it looks like. The most interesting anecdote I've seen from the book isn't mentioned in the Slate piece, but in a column by Newt Gingrich's old right-hand man, Tony Blankley. He quotes this passage, regarding Richard Nixon's 1993 visit to the White House, his first trip back since resigning:

"The elevator door opened, and the first person Nixon saw when he stepped off was Hillary Clinton. 'Your health care reform legislation in 1973-74 was so good that we are using it as a blueprint for our own package,' Hillary said. This struck Nixon as an incredibly strange, wonkish greeting from the First Lady. But then Hillary managed to top even that by adding: 'Had you survived in office, you would have been light years ahead of your time.' "

Under less strained circumstances--as a young lawyer, Hillary had worked on the House's impeachment case against Nixon--they would have had many things to talk about, and might have become great friends.

Here's the best review of the book I've seen, from Doug Ireland.

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