The "I hate the Pedal Pub" Facebook page is hilarious [IMAGES]

Not an actual photo of a pedal pubber, but you get the point.

Not an actual photo of a pedal pubber, but you get the point.

The "I hate the Pedal Pub" Facebook page has more than 1,300 "likes" and contains many LOL-worthy memes.

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Who knew so many people harbor hilarious hate in their hearts for the pedal-powered outdoor bars that first debuted in Minneapolis in 2009?

[jump] The page asks nobody in particular to "PLEASE STOP RENTING THE PEDAL PUB AND GO BACK TO THE SUBURBS!"

"The Pedal Pub is a complete waste of money to do something that is essentially free," the page's description says. "On top of that, most of the people that partake are over the top, bar tourists who over work the staff and rarely tip. The people that go to these bars on a regular basis hate you and would like to see the Pedal Pub on fire."

A number of hilarious memes have been posted to the page, including:


Haters won't have the pleasure of seeing pedal pubs cease to exist anytime soon, but it looks like they will be subject to new city of Minneapolis regulations starting this season (the proposed regulations haven't yet received final City Council approval, but it appears that's just a formality at this point). From MinnPost:

The new regulations require that tours begin and end on private property that provides off street parking and restrooms...

The new Minneapolis regulations will require all tours to end by 10 p.m.... They also will ban the pedal pubs from downtown Minneapolis during the evening rush hour from 3:30 until 5...

The new regulations will require licenses for the company and the drivers, inspections of the vehicles and $2 million worth of insurance. The license fees are the same as those now charged for a pedicab, which carries two or three passengers but does not serve alcohol.

Drivers will pay $59 for an annual license. The company will pay $98 for a license and another $135 for an annual inspection of each vehicle.

There is also a provision for a $500 administrative fine, which can be assessed if the pedal pub company does not comply with the new ordinance. That fine would double for the second violation and tops out at $2,000.

That's a step in the right direction, but take it from someone who lives near Franklin and Lyndale -- it'd also be nice if the city could include a provision banning drunken pedal pubbers from hooting and hollering like rambunctious children as they careen eastbound down the Franklin Avenue hill.