The Friday 5: Zombie Pub Crawl, Taylor Swift, squirrel chasing

It was a weird week in Minneapolis. Zombies roamed the streets freely, drunk old men kinapped kids to chase squirrels (no, wait, that was in Wisconsin), and the loveliest elf of all came to the Target Center.  See what you might have missed. 

5. Taylor Swift comes to Minneapolis

The little blonde elf comes to North Country and has an hour-plus on stage without any annoying rappers to interrupt her. It's a good night when you can deliver a performance on any stage across the world and not get bombarded by a dude in shutter shades.

​4. Drunk Wis. man kidnaps autistic boy for some squirrel chasing

Is this not one of the weirdest headlines you've ever read? "When we see children wandering around in public alone, we can't help but think they would be a great squirrel-chasing partner," blogger Emily Kaiser wrote. Many readers commented on this piece that the guy should definitely be put away (he faces 7 years), in which case it wouldn't be the squirrels that would be hunted down.


​3. Preview the Soap Factory's haunted basement

We've heard rumors about this place, and their tagline is that you have to sign a waiver to enter, which pretty much sold us on its creepiness. But we weren't sure about actually going to the thing-- we wanted pictures first because we're pansies (see following acronym). Here's what the Soap Factory sent us. NSFP!

​2. Sexual abuse found in St. Louis Park nursing home

A nurse is accused of kissing and fondling a dementia patient. Can't you just let these people be old in peace?

​1. Zombie pub crawl slideshow

Of course, Zombies. The coolest thing on the planet to pretty much everyone under the age of 25 in this city. Normal people go buy beer or liquor on a Friday night in autumn -- we buy bottles of corn syrup and red food coloring, and if you don't like it you better protect ya' brains.