The Friday 5: Twins Vs. Yankees, Cryphy, Lisa Goodman & more

With Minneapolis-St. Paul in the national sports spotlight this week, it comes as no surprise one of the most popular posts came from our deep-seeded loathing of the Yankees. Find out which other stories hit the top 5 this week on

5. Rehab for Wisconsin mayor after drunkenly saying sister-in-law gives 'one helluva hummer' 

Oh, Wisconsin. What would we do without you and your bizarre "political figures"? Sheboygan mayor Bob Ryan will not resign -- instead, he'll go to rehab. Tit for tat, we say.  

After all the stories we've done about idiot criminals like this, you'd think they'd learn. But then again, what'd be the fun in that?  

This should come to no surprise to people who know her. But Erin Carlyle's in-depth coverstory revealed a bit more about the city's "2nd mayor."     

The Friday 5: Twins Vs. Yankees, Cryphy, Lisa Goodman & more
Wes Winship for City Pages

We got pictures from this month's installment of one of the city's most popular dance parties heralded by DJs Jimmy 2 Times and Plain Ole Bill (L to R). It's one of those joints where  someone always has to take their shirt off in a drunken haze -- but you're having too much fun dancing to the latest dirty south jam to care. 


There's clearly more than ten reasons, especially now after the Twins lost to the most spolied team in the league, but this list was just an appetizer for some of you. As regular commenter Vitajex says in the comments section, if we can only come up with ten, we're not doing our job. OK, we've been scolded.

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