The Friday 5: Boy in oven, Solid Gold, Fedor post-fight & more

It's Friday the 13th, people! And we've got a couple freaky stories for you that just so happened to have hit big on the site this work-week. Check 'em out.

Photo by LuMagoo on Flickr

1. Boy hid in oven to escape dad's attack, dad turns on oven

Makes you wonder where those birth control commercials were ten years ago.  Check out the comments battle on Digg

2. Fedor post-fight: Brett Rogers and the damage done

A few staffers went to the fight in Hoffman Estates near Chicago and snapped some of these gnarly pictures of what a huge-ass Minnesotan can do to you when provoked.


3 Solid Gold: The early days

Our Minnesota treasures -- before they were blog famous.

4. Anchor Fish & Chips: The tour

Because sometimes, in winter when you're wearing a lot of clothes, you just don't give  $#@%.

5. Wis. man attempts drive-by shooting, forgets to roll down car window

This isn't Grand Theft Auto, buddy.  230 Tweets agree.