The Friday 5: Bachmann, Fashion Week, crazy crash & more

We can't resist a good list, which is why we've decided to post a countdown of our 5 most popular pieces of content every Friday afternoon. Our eyes might be glued to the site all day, every day, but we figured everyone's busy schedules warrants a recap of what stuff was most clicked:

OK, is anyone surprised at this? The craziest thing this woman could do at this point is say something completely logical. 


​4.  Red Pens take home Picked To Click honors.

We announced the winners of this year's Picked To Click poll of the best new bands in the Twin Cities on the TD Mischke show on Wednesday, live-Tweeting the results. Red Pens took home the top honors, with 84 votes by local music scene staples. A few weeks prior, we took them (or they took us, we can't remember) thrifting at Sun Ray for unnecessary trinkets and bizarre treasures.


Our prediction: By this time next year, the hip-kid infatuation with zombies will be well past its prime and they'll move onto something else. So enjoy it while it lasts, un-dead freaks (and we mean that very affectionately, please don't eat us).

The Friday 5: Bachmann, Fashion Week, crazy crash & more
Emily Utne for City Pages

By now, you get that Minneapolis is turning into an indie fashion hub, right? Fashion week is now over, but boy do we have a lot to show for it:  Shots from gothic fashion show Couture Noir (the definite highlight) and an interview with its creator, two sets of pics of fancy patrons, a weekend recap slideshow, and highlights from the runway by Stacey Tuthill.

The Friday 5: Bachmann, Fashion Week, crazy crash & more

Unbelievable story that, at the time this post was published, has gotten 19 comments from readers across the U.S.  

And there you have it. Check Blotter next Friday afternoon for the next 5.

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