The Fix is in for Pawlenty

Governor Tim Pawlenty's presidential campaign seems to be picking up momentum, at least judging from the fawning clips.

After a star turn headlining Drudge Report, T-Paw scored another link on the conservative mouthpiece today, this time for a story on Washington Post's influential The Fix about his headlining gig in Iowa.

It looks like Pawlenty is bound and determined to make a run at the White House:

Pawlenty has made no secret of the fact that he is putting together the pieces of a 2012 political operation. Last week, he announced a political inner circle that included Terry Nelson, former campaign manager for Sen. John McCain's (Ariz.) presidential bid, former Bush White House political director Sara Taylor and former Republican Governors Association executive director Phil Musser.

So Pawlenty is appearing in Iowa? Wake me up when he shows up in Minnesota--now that would be a surprise.

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