The Fire Next Time


Perfect, that's what we need, more Fire Department cuts. I really hope these cuts screw up even more the fire department response times, that way more people will die due to short staff. I'm a firefighter myself, not for the city of Minneapolis but I am a firefighter, the best job in the world. So next time when any of you who read this comment need the fire department you better pray, 'cause most likely you are going to die. So if you support Rybak's budget cuts you deserve to die. Good luck, brother firefighters, and be safe out there.


Rybak is an idiot and Chief Jackson is a bigger one. Firefighters have to make smarter decisions! It is a staffing issue. Not enough firefighters on scene, smarter decisions or not, is not what is needed to deal with the problems at hand. All these two politicians do is give a bullshit explanation for cuts, but neither of them does the job of risking their lives on a daily basis.

Captain Jon Swaggert

If you have worked for the city over 10 years, then this issue is nothing new. I get tired of reading these articles placing the blame on present-day leadership. You can't bleed blood from a turnip; obviously the cuts are nothing more than a spiral effect of previous leadership.

The problem is that the firefighters have no idea what it takes to run a department, nor should they be expected to, but they should take into consideration the fact that being a city leader is no easy task and there are no easy fixes when it comes to being the boss.

I am the owner of a small business with 10 employees, and yes, they get upset with me when I have to make budget cuts. I know the department cuts appear to be more serious because it's the fire department we are talking about, but blaming the current chief for problems/cuts that have happened before his watch is pointless, but like all critical incidents—someone has to take the blame, why not the current chief?

People, please get real. Stop pointing the finger and be safe with what you have. My brother is a police officer for Minneapolis; I am well aware of the mindset it takes to adapt to current numbers! He has also told me the great job the current chief is doing and how the firefighters are a bunch of cry babies and all they do is complain! Yes, I understand they fight fires but a majority of the time is spent in fire stations playing video games! I heard about it all from my brother and his buddies! Stop crying and get back to work!


Having been a firefighter, I'm still angry about how elected officials are in the pocket of special interests, and their reckless attitude toward our brave men and women fighting here and in foreign lands. The officials are serving and protecting their assets. They will someday know what it's like to be inside a burning inferno. You will find them in the darkest place in Dante's hell.

Tim Nolan

The firefighters understand that the city is short on money. What they have a hard time stomaching is the fact that they are pawns in the political game between the city and the state. The staffing reductions have affected the effectiveness and safety of the firefighters, which also affects the public safety. What do you want, Minneapolis? An effective, efficient fire department, or the rinky-dink operation it is becoming?


Hey Mike, are any of your 10 employees responsible for rescuing anyone whose life might be in danger? I really think you should put a little more thought into your post before you start spouting off things you obviously know nothing about.

I am a paramedic in the city, and regardless of what your police officer brother says, they do more than play video games during the time they are not fighting fires. I think your problem is that you have never needed the services of EMS or Fire. When it's your house, I'll bet all of a sudden you become an advocate for reallocation of city funds to the fire dept.

How about we cut these downtown "ambassadors," who many believe are sucking the much needed funding from the fire department, and re-allocate that money to fire. These people spend days away from their families, put themselves in harm's way, not just with fires, but with dangerous freeway accidents and belligerent drunk/high patients.

So maybe when you're resting comfortably at night, knowing that someone will always be there to protect you and your family, remember what they are expected to do for a ridiculously small paycheck, and thank god that you don't have to.