The Fall of the House of Tucker thread

</div class=img_thumbleft>In this week's cover story, The Fall of the House of Tucker, staff writer Mike Mosedale relays the sad tale of Marine-turned-murderer Clem Tucker Jr., and the lengths his father, a 23-year veteran of the St. Paul Police Department, would go to try to save him. An excerpt: "When he stepped out of his truck, Angelina accelerated, CJ claims. She was going to run him over. 'I just reacted, drew my weapon and fired,' he says. 'I think it was a direct response to the training I had in the military. We do quick draw tactics and things like that.' CJ says he didn't realize he had hit Angelina. 'I'm thinking she's going to say I fired a weapon and I'm going to jail,' Tucker says. 'I would have never left her if I knew she was shot.'" Read the cover story here, then come back to discuss.