The fall of Bob Fletcher

Bostrom upsets Fletcher.

Bostrom upsets Fletcher.

The RNC 8 people who got arrested before the Republican National Convention must be celebrating about now.

With most precincts reporting, it seems challenger Matt Bostrom has upset Bob Fletcher in the Ramsey County Sheriff's race.


Fletcher's tenure as sheriff was riddled with controversy. Just before the 2008 RNC in St. Paul, Fletcher orchestrated preemptive raids that led to the arrests of several known activists in the Twin Cities who later faced conspiracy charges. Fletcher was also behind the Metro Gang Task Force, which became the subject of an investigation after allegations of inappropriate seizures.

From CP's July 2009 feature on Fletcher, "Meet Bob Fletcher: Ramsey County's most controversial cop:"

This isn't the first time Fletcher has found himself embroiled in controversy. Those who've crossed his path use words like "ruthless," "combative," and "pugnacious" to describe his personality. When the County Board of Commissioners cut his budget in 1999, Fletcher employed an unusually strong negotiating tactic: He sued the board.

"Bob's Bob," says Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett, who sounds exhausted just remembering the suit a decade later. "He'll get there any way it takes to get there."

Bostrom currently holds a lead of 58 percent to Fletcher's 41.5 percent and has declared victory.