The 'F' rating for MyPillow sadly does not stand for 'fluffy'

MyPillow inventor/founder Mike Lindell has sold 25 million pillows... or maybe 12.5 million buy one get one deals?

MyPillow inventor/founder Mike Lindell has sold 25 million pillows... or maybe 12.5 million buy one get one deals?

Before founding MyPillow, Mike Lindell owned a number of bars in the Twin Cities suburbs. 

In the drink making business, you'll never meet a customer ready to complain about two-for-ones. To the contrary. Just keep 'em comin', bartender. 

But Lindell's pillow empire has allegedly been playing fast and loose with the "buy one get one" concept, and the buzzkills at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) have caught up with the company's ruse. As KARE 11 reports, the consumer watchdog group has slapped an 'F' rating on the Chaska-based sleep-centric company. 

MyPillow feedback on the BBB's website is overwhelmingly negative: Nearly three-quarters of the people offering their thoughts had bad things to say. Several recent complaints lodged there deal with the company's apparently misleading "sales" information. Here's one example:

The advertising states " buy one pillow get one free" When checking out the price of 1 pillow it clearly states it is 49.00 If you check the " buy one get one free offer" you are required to pay 99.00 This is False advertising the offer "buy one get one free" should be 49.00 the price of 1 pillow! I am a consumer and am very adapt in knowing what " buy one get one free" means, and this company clearly is lying to all of us! My question is, How can a company get away with this? When I wrote to the company they stated their pillow for one was 99.00! Which is a lie, 1 pillow on their website is 49.00!

To its credit, MyPillow logged in to respond to complainant "Debbie H.," explaining how it works: A pillow's $99.97. You can either buy one at that price and get a second one free, or buy that one pillow for half-off, meaning $49.98.

Not even a tipsy bartender would offer half-off and buy one get one at the same time.

In fact, Better Business Bureau's beef (BBBb) with MyPillow stems from this very deal. Specifically, if a company continuously holds a "buy one get one" sale, with no end in sight, that means it's the regular price, and not a limited-time deal. 

The situation is virtually identical to a lawsuit against SelectComfort, which was accused of offering a pillow at "50 percent off" for... well, forever, or so it seemed. Act now! Act later! It doesn't matter! 

Lindell issued a statement to KARE saying he's "terribly disappointed" in the 'F' rating. His statement somehow winds up sounding really positive: 

"We have sold more than 25 million MyPillows, but we will continue to treat each and every customer like they are our only one. From myself and our 1,500 employees, we want to thank our loyal customers."

As an apology, this is unacceptable. As an advertisement, it's pretty good. We're not able to check the figures on the number of MyPillows sold or its total employees. Unless they're off by more than 50 percent, this statement is the most honest advertising they've done in a while.