The ease with which we point fingers over our racial strife

Society (not cops) has labeled black men as hostile, bad, to be feared, etc.

This is a social problem on many different levels and not simply a cop problem, as is portrayed. We all want the deaths and shooting to stop, but no one is willing to take ownership of their parts in the issue.

Yes, I am Asian but that was not the only factor that allowed me to walk away from my encounters. The "yes sir," "no sir," "thank you, sir", and "Sir, I am going to keep my hands in plain view as not to create any misunderstanding between your commands and my actions," also played to deescalate the routine stops.

I'm not going to change anyone's mind over this matter because I know no one cares to do their parts as best as possible to prevent this sort of tragic event. It is easier to point fingers.