The Dream Is Over: Ashwin Madia Concedes


One of the most watched congressional races in the country has come to an end. Ashwin Madia, who in the primary was compared to the likes of Barack Obama, conceded to Republican candidate Erik Paulsen for the Third Congressional District seat just after midnight.

With a lack of real political experience, Madia, a former lawyer and Iraq war veteran ran on a campaign of ideals. Over and over again he told voters that he didn't need experience in St. Paul, that he had experience in Baghdad. He often started his speeches with the tale of his parents' immigration from India. They came here nearly 40 years ago with just $19, and today their son is running for U.S. Congress. The American Dream, Madia would often say, is still very much alive in this county.

His message did not change Tuesday night as he conceded."Even though we lost this election tonight, we didn't lose the debate," said Madia, 30, as he addressed disappointed supporters in Osso. "Our message was right on. I may not have been the right messenger, but our message was right, this idea that our country can do better than what we have been doing.”