The DFL Is Accused Of Trying To Squeeze Out Bernie Sanders Supporters In Minneapolis


Soren Sorenson wasn't too keen about what he was seeing. A throng of Democrats numbering as many as 300 filed onto the sidewalk outside St. Stephen's Church in Minneapolis' Whittier neighborhood. They were waiting to enter the holy space to vote in 2008's precinct caucus.

Sorenson was digging the progressive energy. It was the undersized accommodations that rankled him.

"People need to have space to come in, not just cast their votes, but talk and participate in the process," says Sorenson. "In 2008, in one of the most progressive districts in the city, that wasn't the case. Some people waited then left before having the chance to get in. Others left and didn't wait. I'm sure it cut out a few thousand votes in an area that's densely populated by Democrats."