The Department of Conspiracy Theories That Aren't So Crazy

CDC Buries Evidence Vaccine Preservative Has Autism Link

Salon has a long, thorough, and seemingly very credible piece detailing efforts by federal officials to hide evidence that Thimerosol, a mercury-derived preservative used in vaccines, is behind the autism epidemic. The article, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain transcripts of a secret June 2000 meeting of top regulators and scientists.

But instead of taking immediate steps to alert the public and rid the vaccine supply of thimerosal, the officials and executives at Simpsonwood spent most of the next two days discussing how to cover up the damaging data. According to transcripts obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, many at the meeting were concerned about how the damaging revelations about thimerosal would affect the vaccine industry's bottom line.

"We are in a bad position from the standpoint of defending any lawsuits," said Dr. Robert Brent, a pediatrician at the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Delaware. "This will be a resource to our very busy plaintiff attorneys in this country." Dr. Bob Chen, head of vaccine safety for the CDC, expressed relief that "given the sensitivity of the information, we have been able to keep it out of the hands of, let's say, less responsible hands."

Astute observers of this controversy will recall that this is the very contention herd-immunity-obsessed public health officials have beaten back with unprecedented ferocity, even as Congress has made multiple attempts to grant the preservative's makers and users immunity from lawsuits. Plenty of journalists, parents, and evironmentalists have spent recent years asking, if Thimerosol is so harmless, why swing with such a big stick? The answer, it would appear, is because so many powerful people at so many levels of our public health and regulatory systems may be implemented.

Side note to public health types: Middle-class parents will return to cheerfully vaccinating their children on schedule when you stop speaking out of both sides of your mouths.

Read the rest of the article here.

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