The dentist lion killer Halloween costume is here

Costume maker Johnathon Weeks has a knack for ruffling feathers.

Costume maker Johnathon Weeks has a knack for ruffling feathers.

Walter Palmer has officially made it. It’s been a month since the Eden Prairie man captivated the world with his shady killing of Cecil the lion. While the professional plaque scraper probably wishes we would all forget about that time he sparked an international controversy, his deeds will be immortalized.

In drunken Halloween pictures.

From the twisted mind that brought us 2014’s “sexy ebola,” comes an official lion killer dentist costume. The ensemble, replete with bloody smock and severed lion head mask for a “gruesome, complete look,” hit online shop on Tuesday.

“Grannies that are naked, pregnant nuns. It gets tackier and tackier and more tasteless every year,” says founder Johnathon Weeks.

The costume designer and seller knew he had to make a doc Palmer outfit when people kept searching for all things Cecil on his various retail websites. Initially going for $60, the price to commemorate “2015’s most controversial killing” has jumped to $100 due to popular demand, according to the website.

While Weeks sells the typical devil or superhero costumes, he seems to enjoy stirring the pot — or in some cases the baby pot leaf — with his costumes. The Halloween-y entrepreneur draws inspiration from pop culture and whatever’s in the new cycle, and predicts the lion killer look will be big this year. Right up there with other nothing’s-sacred Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle and “Megyn Kelly tampon blood” themes.

“We have fun with it,” Weeks says. “It’s Halloween. It’s not a political correct day, never really been. So there’s no reason for us to be.”

But like the contentious Caitlyn Jenner costume, which Weeks doesn’t make or carry, not everyone is a fan of the spoofy lion killer garb. Unassuaged by a portion of the proceeds benefiting a wildlife organization, some decried the costume as “tasteless” and a petition emerged asking Costumeish to pull it. On Wednesday, Weeks received multiple texts threatening to burn his building down and another reading “This is your warning.”

Nevertheless, the guy in the spooky party biz doesn’t seem too scared.

“They’re only going to get more and more controversial and sick, because that’s kind of what we are,” he says. “Anything goes.”