The 'Conservative Squad' is here, it's white, and it's 1/4th Minnesotan

The "Conservative Squad," a crew meant to inspire a "new generation," includes Minnesota's own Michelle Fischbach.

The "Conservative Squad," a crew meant to inspire a "new generation," includes Minnesota's own Michelle Fischbach. Fox News

Jessica Taylor, a Republican business owner from Alabama, describes herself as “pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-wall, and pro-Trump,” and “won’t apologize for it.”

As part of her run for congress, Taylor decided she’d form a conservative counterpart to "The Squad," the quartet of progressive Democratic congresswomen that includes DFL U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York).

“We need a new generation of conservatives,” Taylor told Fox & Friends in October. “Folks who can go toe-to-toe with people like AOC and her Squad, who believe that socialism is a legitimate ideology that our nation should embrace.”

True to her word (on this one thing, at least), on Thursday Taylor returned to Fox News flanked by three other Republican congressional candidates: Nancy Mace of South Carolina, Beth Van Duyne of Texas—and Minnesota’s own Michelle Fischbach, a state senator representing Paynesville.

Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt started the interview by saying what, to her credit, most of us were thinking.

“Jessica, congratulations,” she said. “You really did this.”

Fischbach has been elected to the Minnesota Senate six times, twice serving as its president, and was forced into the role of DFL Gov. Mark Dayton's lieutenant govenor when DFL U.S. Sen. Tina Smith was appointed to replace Al Franken. Fischbach ran to win the seat as Tim Pawlenty’s running mate in 2018, but the former governor didn’t even make it past the primary. 

Fischbach is gunning for a spot currently occupied by Blue Dog Democrat Collin Peterson, who has remained conservative enough to cling to his seat for decades. Donald Trump easily won Peterson's western Minnesota district in 2016, and Fischbach's running hard to the right. Her platform boasts of a lifetime of voting pro-life, a willingness to help Trump finish his un-started border wall, supporting ICE, and concern for Minnesota farmers, though without mentioning their biggest problem lately has been Trump himself.

Fischbach slammed Democrats for spending "plenty of time on impeachment, the sham that that is," instead of trade, and disputed the idea the party with that other "Squad" is better for her gender, citing herself as an example. 

“If anyone tells you that the Democrats are the party of the women, don’t let them tell you that,” Fischbach told Fox News viewers Thursday, pointing out she'd been Minnesota's first female Senate president. 

"I've got two grown children," Fischbach said, "and five grandchildren, who I love dearly."

"Look at you!" cooed Earhardt, who praised the cohort of “beautiful, wonderful, strong” women on air.

Reactions on Twitter show that not everyone is as impressed.

If Omar is concerned about the Conservative Squad taking her and her cohorts down, it doesn’t show. She briefly weighed in on the matter with a quick tweet on Thursday morning.