The (Cartoon) Elephants Come to Town

"Elephantiasis," a comic by Tim Sievert.
Tim Sievert

Welcome to our second annual Comix Issue. Last year when we asked local artists to draw "True Tales of the Twin Cities," we had no idea what to expect. The results totally blew us away, so we decided to make it an annual event. In honor of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, this year's theme is "When the Elephants Come to Town." Once again, our talented local comics community took the assignment and ran with it. From Kevin Cannon's ingeniously intricate board game to Keith Pille's naturalistic survey of political hats, the artists let their creativity run wild. Like last year, we received far more worthy submissions than would fit into this issue, so we've included them here on our website. Thanks to all the artists who participated.

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