The cars of Minnesota Congressional members

The Detroit automakers sure love bailout money. Even with billions of government funds heading their direction, they're back at The Hill asking for billions more. They need the money to stay afloat, they say, and for them to fail would mean America fails. Of course, this isn't the opinion of others. And many foreign owned automakers produce their cars right here in the states.

But all this talk about cars made City Pages curious: What does the Minnesota delegation drive? Answers after the click:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

When CP first called the wondrous Klobuchar, someone from her office refused to comment on the issue. They said it was private information, and that all we could know was that it was American made we apparently talked with two interns and or operators. Good news, though! We called back multiple times and received the word she drives a Saturn four-door.

Rep. James Oberstar

You know when your dad all of a sudden decides to get hip and raids your iTunes collection? Well, Oberstar follows his inner desire to remain hip and drives around a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Now, we're thinking the beloved congressman does it with a hint of irony. Cause, c'mon what could be more hip-ronic than a PT? (Ok. Ok... A Pontiac Aztec but who's keeping score?)

Rep. Collin Peterson

Peterson has two cars. In Minnesota, he drives around an old Buick. But in Washington, he drives something loads sexier: an Audi. Not really the car of the people. More like the car of international men of mystery.

Rep. Keith Ellison

Well, here's another reason to believe he is the smartest representative around, and maybe one of the poorest, too. Ellison sits behind the wheel of 2002 Honda Accord, one of most reliable cars around... and a car that is even in the price range of a broke hack who spent the day calling congressional members about their cars.

Rep. Michele Bachmann

Sadly, the good Representative did not return our repeated phone calls. Look, we're sorry about comparing your powers to that of a sorceress, and/or to the evil eye of Sauron. But since we don't know what car she drives, we just assume she rides a horse. Like this one.

Rep. Betty McCollum

Calls and calls, even a personal email to her press coordinator, but no responses back. So let's just make one up for the District 4 representative. Let's see, she's a Roman Catholic with two children and went to the College of St. Catherine. Answer: Pope Mobile.

Rep. John Kline

Rep. Kline's car choice settles the debate over which member of the Minnesota delegation has the most American car. It's because Kline doesn't even drive a car. He drives a truck, an American-made Ford Ranger Extended-cab to be precise. Someday, we want to load it down with bricks and spin cookies in with it... though we're not sure why.

Rep. Tim Walz

We'd like to officially bestow the soccer-mom award to Walz. Let us be straight: there is nothing wrong with driving a Dodge Caravan, even it has a greenish tone. We know a giant Swede who swears by the mini-van, and this guy sweats testosterone, thus making it the manliest of man cars.

Al Franken

Ford Escape Hybrid. This is the model he used as his campaign car. According to his communications adviser, Franken and his wife loved it so much they bought one for themselves. And really, how can you go wrong with a Ford Hybrid? It's pro-union and kind to the earth.

Norm Coleman

Sadly. We couldn't get the lowdown on what car Coleman drives. His staff member says that somebody else normally drives around Coleman. So we're guessing that it is a driving Miss Daisy sort of thing--Jewish mobster style, of course.

And just for kicks, we contacted the office of Governor Tim Pawlenty.

T-Paw drives 1999 Dodge Stratus with well over 100,000 miles. Hot. Damn