The buzz about TD Mischke

By now, you've hopefully heard the inaugural broadcast of TD Mischke's streaming radio at If you haven't, we'll have a downloadable MP3 ready for you Thursday morning, and in the future we'll be loading the shows within an hour of Mischke signing off.

For some of you, this may be the first time hearing his broadcast, which is a unique Twin Cities treasure. If so, you can get a quick primer on Mischke's history in this feature story. Shortly after the story was published in November, Mischke found himself suddenly unemployedsupposedly due to an FCC violation. Through a mutual friend, Mischke and City Pages began talking about a collaboration, and last month we announced that the game was on.

Mischke will also be featured in print every week as a front-of-the-book columnist. The first edition with his contribution is on the streets this week, but you can also read it online. The online story has already garnered 20 comments and become the defacto message board for fans to talk about today's show.

You'll also be able to watch your man Mischko on video, thanks to the rfmoellerjeweler YouTube feed. So far, the most popular video is Mischke gets married, a short and sweet video with a shock ending that you'll never see coming.

But the best way to appreciate Mischke is to hear him. A good resource is the Mischke Madness fansite. In particular, I recommend Mischke's interview with R.T. Rybak, which you can find on the most requested bits page--it's one of the most authentic interviews I've ever heard with a politician, and I came to know and like both men the better for it.

This is an experiment. The media is at a crossroads. As the Man himself said: "If it works it's a model to duplicate, if it fails it's a lesson to learn from." Either way, it should be a fun ride.