The Boogeyman comment thread

class=img_thumbleft>In this week's

cover story package

, editor Kevin Hoffman profiles the Minnesota Wild's Derek Boogaard, one of the fiercest players in the NHL. An excerpt: "The Boogeyman streaks at his target like a heat-seeking missile. But then the other player somehow manages to slip out of the way. The Boogeyman slams the glass, shatters it, then continues his trajectory like a passenger ejected through the windshield... The Boogeyman gathers himself, dusts glass shards off his uniform, and looks up at the camera. Although his face is cast in shadows, if you squint, you'd swear he was smiling." Check out the main story


, as well as an

extended Boogaard interview



of his greatest hits, a

photo series

of a fight from a recent game, and a



The Code

author Ross Bernstein, them come back here to join the discussion.

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