The bird flu: the coolest new lifestyle trend? Who cares? Let's salsa!

class=img_thumbleft> The Strib's new and supposedly more-user-friendly redesign jettisoned the rest of the world into thin air. Gone is a portal department to the outside world that lists the day's top national and world news, and here to stay are stories about menopause and that

poor, poor rich kid

who's just like us, only poorer because being a Dayton makes it


easy to get a job at Target. So what is a newspaper without a World section on its homepage to do with a story about the first human cases of bird flu in China? Add it to the "Lifestyle" section (a screen cap from today's Strib pictured left) alongside a story about the other disease capturing the world's attention: coming up with the perfect baby name.

Update: The cool bird-flu trend has already been usurped by the trend to dial down the thermostat, which apparently everyone is doing lately. The Strib has since removed the bird flu story link from its "Lifestyle" section.

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