The Big Twitter goes silent


We haven't checked Kevin Love's Twitter feed for some time. If readers remember, our favorite Timberwolves forward gave us plenty of laughs with his 140-character takes on the Spanish Jonas. But something happened at the end of the summer, we don't know what it is, but we do know the Big Twitter has gone tweetless since August 14th. Since he's the only twitter feed we read, Twitter is now dead to us.

And this is how we're supposed to remember him?

Dwight Howard, Paul Peirce, Sam Cassell, and Robert Horry were all at the SLS hotel and dinner...oh and yours truly

9:41 PM Aug 14th from Tweetie


What the hell is going on, Kevin Love? You too busy tending to a hanging flower basket outside the Target Center to make it feel more like home? Your tweets made us laugh. Now, they make us fall asleep. And a two-week break from Twitter? I heard the website is more addictive than tits of black tar. How did you ween yourself away from your navel?

Thankfully, we can now stalk our second favorite Timberwolves player, Jonny Flynn. This guy knows how to entertain.

Behold, Kevin Love, the man you once were...

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Try Barrio.