The b-girls have their say

</div class=img_thumbleft>In this week's cover story, Where the Ladies at?, writer Peter S. Scholtes profiles local female hip hop artists and the struggles they face in the broader community of MCs. An excerpt: "[Crazy] Amy doesn't remember the name of her attacker. 'I try to forget the bad things that I can't really do anything about,' she says. But the incident illustrates the hard edge of a broader stupidity: the producer who withholds services from a female rapper unless payment is made with sex, the male graffiti writer who spreads rumors about the girl who spent all night spray-painting with the boys, even a well-meaning parent who warns a daughter of the physical risks of breakdancing.'" Check out the cover story here and the gallery of B-Girl Be artists here, then come back to join the conversation.

Editor's note: Our cover story on B-Girl Be misattributed an off-color remark to choreographer Amy Sackett, a.k.a. Suga Mama of the Rhythm QueenZ. In fact, the banter came from another b-girl present at the same photo shoot. At no time did Sackett—a veteran dancer, teacher, and scene supporter—make any sexual joke or gesture. City Pages regrets the error. The online version reflects the corrected text.