The 10 Best Suggestions for University of North Dakota's New Mascot

What did North Dakota fans come up with, besides the 5,000+ suggestions to go back to Fighting Sioux?

What did North Dakota fans come up with, besides the 5,000+ suggestions to go back to Fighting Sioux?

The University of North Dakota can't use the nickname "Fighting Sioux" anymore. That battle has been fought, and Fighting Sioux supporters lost.

Since 2012 UND has been mascot-less, but that may not last much longer. Last fall UND created a Nickname Committee in charge of recommending a new moniker for the school.

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From April 1 through April 30 the Nickname Committee accepted suggestions from the public, and boy did the public ever deliver.Thousands of suggestions were submitted, and yesterday the committee made them public, sorted into two lists: suggestions that would be considered, and suggestions that would not be considered.

We're not going to get into the garbage that makes up the bulk of the list that will not be considered, except to say this: North Dakota is having a really tough time letting go of the Fighting Sioux.

"Fighting Sioux" was submitted more than 5,000 times, and that's not counting the hundreds of suggestions for "Fighting Soo," "Fighting Sue," "Fighting Whioux," etc.

We combed through the suggestions that made it past the initial cut and picked out our favorites, along with the comment attached to the submission:

Beeters Comment: North Dakota, and our city in particular, identify strongly with sugar beets. They are a staple of our local economy, culture, and heritage

Blue Collars Comment: Hardworking, get the job done

Spacklers Comment: Carl Spackler (most lethal gopher hunter in history).

Merkins Comment: North Dakotans love their pubic wigs

Superb Owls Comment: I like owls and North Dakota is the best Dakota school

Tundra Wookies Comment: Uniquely North Dakotan

Blue Unicorns Comment: A fictional nickname is extremely unlikely to cause offense to a group and cause us to go through this trouble in the future.

Data Miners Comment: Miners is obvious. Data would make UND the first team with a computer connotation.

Ermines Comment: By now, you know it's a good idea. You've mulled it over, pondered it, and "Ermines" surpasses every criterion. So let's do it.

Fighting Frackers Comment: This name honors the spirit and determination of the burgeoning oil industry in North Dakota.

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