That's Miss Sinatra

Sure, everyone is mourning the passing of Frank, but we queers were always more attached to Nancy. With that pile of poofy blond hair and those gleaming white go-go boots, she's always provided plenty of inspirational material, at least for the drag queens. And just as the other, more famous Sinatra has everything he ever recorded trotted out for resale, Nancy too has put a new collection (of old material) into the marketplace.

Sheet Music: A Collection of Her Favorite Love Songs is a campy dream. From the egregious penned-by-Nancy liner notes ("All the composers herein obviously knew what it was like to turn the lights very low and make love while listening to romantic music...I hope this album will inspire that kind of activity") to the weird, almost soft-porn-styled photos and ridiculous song selections, this is a record so bad you can't afford to miss it.

Admittedly, Nancy was never that strong of a singer. Her biggest hit, and the song we all love best, "These Boots Were Made for Walkin,'" has her talking a lot more than singing--and that's a plus. Here, her warbly, weak voice takes on such oddities as the Doors' "Light My Fire," Petula Clark's "Call Me," and Paul McCartney's "Baby I'm Amazed." It's '60s and '70s radio hell, with Nancy as your perky guide. She even emulates Daddy by doing George Harrison's "Something," a song the elder Sinatra continually came under fire for doing because he'd inevitably introduce it as a Paul McCartney or Lennon/McCartney effort. Nancy gets George's name right, but not much more.

All this in no way means that you should skip this record. It's probably the best, funniest piece of pop schlock that you'll find in the near future. Imagine: the lights dim, the Blue Nun's poured liberally, and Nancy mumbles her way through the Kinks' "Tired of Waiting for You." Frank was never this fun.

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