That meth smell? I'm just cleaning up my vomit, officer

That meth smell? I'm just cleaning up my vomit, officer
Photo: mugley/Flickr

First he said that stink coming from his garage was from chemicals he used to wipe up his vomit. But later -- after he'd been read his rights -- police in Coon Rapids say that Arron Whitney McDole admitted his garage was home to a meth lab. And then he told police the lab wasn't his, but a friend's. A friend who carries a gun.

Besides smelling like a meth lab, it looked like a meth lab: After McDole allowed police to inspect his garage, they found a cabinet duct-taped shut, according to the Coon Rapids Herald. When they opened it they found:

... several glass containers and bottles with unknown solutions in them as well as materials and equipment which are commonly found in meth labs plus some containers with meth smoking paraphernalia in them. Officers froze the scene, called in the drug task force and obtained a search warrant.

McDole was arrested and later charged with three felonies.

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