That loud shrieking sound in Uptown on Monday night, explained [VIDEO]

The noises ringing through the Wedge neighborhood Monday night led to "numerous" 911 calls.

The noises ringing through the Wedge neighborhood Monday night led to "numerous" 911 calls.

 You couldn't miss it.

Not unless you were vacuuming and had headphones in, with the music all the way up. Even then, the unsettling sounds coming through the window would probably pierce the din.

Residents of a south Minneapolis neighborhood were alarmed Monday night by a prolonged session of shrieking noises emanating from a man apparently making his way through the area on foot. As recorded on amateur video, his screaming resembles the cawing of a bird. Perhaps a bird in distress.

Many in the uptown neighborhood noticed the noise, and at least a couple of them recorded it. This short clip was uploaded to Youtube earlier this week, with the description, "Some guy freaking out on 25th St. near Mueller Park on 5/29 in Minneapolis."  

The video's title takes a guess at what led to this bout of neighborhood-wide aural disturbance. "Don't do drugs," it warns.

In fact, the man's intake on the night of Memorial Day remains unclear. Minneapolis Police spokeswoman Catherine Michal reports dispatchers received "numerous" 911 calls Monday night about a "male yelling in the middle of the street."

Officers responded to the scene, and located the yeller on the 2500 block of Dupont Avenue South, just shy of 10:30 p.m. 

Officers who found the man determined he was "intoxicated," though Michael says it's "unknown if hetook drugs." Either way, he needed some help. Cops picked him up and transported him to HCMC "for his safety and to be monitored medically," Michal says. He was not arrested for the incident. 

Under the circumstances, this is probably about as good of an outcome as one could hope for. The people of the typically tranquil Wedge neighborhood got a resumption in peace and quiet. Though without question, a few would've wondered what became of the man who'd been making all that racket.

Now they know. This fellow got a chance to sober up and cool off, all under the observation of medical professionals, and without a mark on his criminal record.