That awful smell in the air lately, explained

Some people say the smell in the air is just leaves decomposing. Others are calling bullshit.

Some people say the smell in the air is just leaves decomposing. Others are calling bullshit. David Joles, Star Tribune

If you've stepped outside for even a moment these past few days, you've smelled it.

If the scent immediately drove you back inside, where you sought refuge in the great indoors activity of social media, you know you are not alone.

On and off going back at least a week, people in the Twin Cities have been complaining of a foul, pervasive odor throughout the entire metropolitan area. Offensive to everyone and clear evidence of evil, it not only lingers, but somehow gathers strength, much like a member of Congress. 

Everyone's talking about it, and most are begging for an explanation.



Theories as to what's happening have been cropping up, often offered with confidence. It's the leaves decomposing, some say. Or, it's because of the gingko trees. Or, my uncle says that's just St. Paul for you. 

Nice guesses, guys. But one local expert on air issues is calling bullshit. And probably some pig shit. 

According to WCCO meteorologist Chris Schaffer, Monday, November 20, was the warmest day in the Twin Cities all month: Temps approached 50 degrees here, and crossed that threshold in the western part of the state... 

...which is the part that really matters here. See, them's where the farms are. As the temperature rises, the winter jackets come off; people peek outside; our hopes return. 

Meanwhile, shit thaws. And if the wind blows in the right direction, as it did Monday, its smell carries.

Schaffer's explanation was backed up by a few people who seemed to suggest they have first-hand knowledge. (Gloved hand, let's hope.)

So, there you have it. Let's not overthink things, people. If something smells exactly like bullshit, don't fool yourself. Assume it's bullshit, and keep the same thing in mind when you vote.