TFC Bank on West Lake Street robbed in broad daylight

A bank robber and his getaway driver left injuries and destruction in the wake of a holdup Monday at the Uptown TCF Bank branch at 1444 West Lake Street.

The FBI says the robber, wearing a red ball cap, walked up to a teller at about 9 a.m., and handed over a note demanding cash.

While security cameras caught the episode, the teller passed him some money, but the robber wanted more. He threatened to open fire, produced a can of mace instead, and pulled the trigger.

It didn't go off.

So the robber made a break for the door and climbed into the passenger seat of a 1996 tan Acura, which an accomplice had parked outside the bank, and they drove away.

The next time they were seen, they had crashed into a moving BMW and several parked cars near the corner of South 24th Street and Bryant Avenue South, about seven blocks northeast of the robbery.

Bleeding from his face, the robber approached a nearby silver Ford Taurus that being warmed up by a woman getting ready to go to work. He and his accomplice got into a tussle with the woman who owned the car as they tried to steal it. She backed off when the robber told his buddy to shoot the woman, and she gave up the fight, even though she didn't actually see a gun.

The robber and accomplice took off again, now in the Taurus, eventually speeding south on Colfax Avenue. At same point they ditched the car, which Minneapolis police later found and impounded.

Robbery Location:

Two people riding in the BMW were injured in the crash, while the bank teller and the woman in the Taurus were unhurt.

The airbag deployed in the stolen the Acura, and the men left behind the red hat and some cash when they abandoned that car after the crash.

The FBI described the bank robber as an Hispanic male in his early to mid 30s, about 5 feet 6 inches tall, with a small to medium build. He was wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, black boots and gloves, and the red baseball cap.

The accomplice is described as a white male, 35-40 years old, with short cropped blond or light brown hair, wearing a multi-colored blue and yellow jacket.

The Acura used as the getaway car was reported stolen on Saturday from a halfway house at 2825 Lake Street in Minneapolis. Gregory Scott Tyler, 49, is being sought by police for running away from the halfway house and stealing the car.

Anyone with information about the bank robbery and carjacking is asked to call the Minneapolis FBI Office at 612-376-3200, the Minneapolis Police Department at 612/348-2345, or Crime Stoppers at 800/222-8477.

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