Terry Duncan fined $500 for cussing on the bus: Comment of the day

No profanity please.

No profanity please.

Terry Duncan climbed aboard a Milwaukee bus and started cussing a blue streak, lacing his conversation with a string of four-letter Anglo Saxon monosyllables.

Then he found out you can't do that in Milwaukee. An undercover deputy heard Duncan's foul mouth, tossed him off the bus and fined him almost $500.

Duncan was outraged. So were a lot of readers, both with Duncan and the law.


Sorely Frickey

Big-city police departments have learned that paying attention to "quality of life" issues -- squeegee men, broken windows, etc. -- can have a significant impact on crime as a whole. For most of us, public users of the offensive "look at how grown up I am" language of children are in the same category.


Sorely, you obviously missed the point of Hotmails post. He was merely commenting that it is ironic that in a city with such violent crimes on their public transportation, someone would take offense to foul language. And, if cursing is, "the language of children" please, let me hit your hand with a hammer and give you a choice of saying "pussywillows!" or more colorful language. While I myself choose not to curse in polite society, this is America, we enjoy the freedom of speech, and you need to cultivate a bit thicker skin.

Its NOT Free

Well, since you want the douche-bags to think, and you are a douche-bag, think on this. "Freedom of Speech", does NOT guarantee you the right to say anything you want, any time you want. If it did, TV/Radio wouldn't be fined when they swear on the air. You aren't allowed to slander, nor commit libel. You can't read/sing/say aloud works that are patented nor copyrighted.

Great debate. Check it out. But you might want to cover your ears.