Terrorist bird strike: 2 Minnesota deaths blamed on attacks


We've got some terrorists on our home soil and they are taking down planes as we speak. Data from the Federal Aviation Administration released today says that two people in Minnesota were among 11 nationwide that died from bird strikes since 2000. The data in the report was classified by airports and their seriousness.

A flight instructor and Duluth student died in a plane crash near Little Falls, Minn. in October 2007.

In all of the bird attacks, Canada geese were the most identified species, but a majority were never identified.

There were at least 657 reported strikes since 2000, says the FAA. Nearly 500 of them happened at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. More from the Star Tribune:

In the Minnesota case, pilot Annette Klosterman, 22, a University of North Dakota flight instructor from Seattle, and Adam Ostapenko, 20, a junior aviation student from Duluth, were killed Oct. 23, 2007, when their Piper Seminole was damaged in-flight by at least one Canada goose, according to an NTSB report. The damage caused the plane to become uncontrollable. The NTSB said it was unlikely that Klosterman and Ostapenko saw the bird or birds because it happened at night.

The day before the crash, the plane's left engine had been damaged by a bird strike, and it had been repaired the morning of the fatal accident.

They were on a training flight from St. Paul to Grand Forks at the time of the accident. The wreckage of their plane was found in a bog about 20 miles northwest of Little Falls.

We can't wait for some fear-mongering congressperson to introduce legislation to ban all of these "terrorists" from flying in our skies. How else will we know Americans are truly safe?