Terrence Franklin's family says recording captures him pleading for his life [VIDEO]

The MPD says it was self-defense. Franklin's family says it was murder.
The MPD says it was self-defense. Franklin's family says it was murder.

No Minneapolis cops will be charged in connection with the fatal May 10 officer-involved shooting of burglary suspect Terrence Franklin, but his family still intends to proceed with a wrongful death lawsuit against the city.

THE BACKSTORY: MPD Chief Harteau on Terrence Franklin shooting: His actions "dictated the outcome"

One piece of evidence they're already presenting to reporters is footage shot by someone who was across the street when Franklin was shot and killed in the basement of a home on the 2700 block of Bryant Avenue South.

Franklin's father, Walter Franklin, told the Star Tribune the video captures his son saying "Man, let me go" before he was shot and killed.

The implication is that police murdered Franklin after he had already been apprehended. The MPD maintains Franklin was shot eight times by two officers defending themselves from an out-of-control suspect who had already shot two officers.

As we told you in May, Mike Padden, the attorney representing Franklin's family, believes the very same footage captures Minneapolis cops referring to Franklin as a "damn freaking [N-word]." MPD Chief Janeé Harteau characterized those allegations as "not only preposterous but without merit" and demanded an apology from Padden (she never received it).

The Star Tribune report explains the connection between the two allegations:

Franklin's parents insisted again on Tuesday that someone who they said is a police officer can be heard saying, "Damn freaking (racial epithet)" 26 seconds into the video. They say their son's voice can be heard just after that phrase.

Padden, who has said he will likely file a wrongful-death lawsuit, said the epithet and Franklin's voice could be heard outside on the street because radios worn by the police officers in the basement were broadcasting the sounds to officers outside.

Judge for yourself -- is there anything to what Franklin's father is saying? Here's the video -- listen close starting around the 26 second mark:

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