Terrence Franklin shooting: MPD officers won't be charged

Terrence Franklin
Terrence Franklin

:::: UPDATE :::: MPD Chief Harteau on Terrence Franklin shooting: His actions "dictated the outcome"

Today, a Hennepin County Grand Jury decided not to press charges against any Minneapolis Police Officers involved in the fatal officer-involved shooting of Terrence Franklin on May 10.

On that afternoon, Franklin was on the run from police after he was identified as a burglary suspect. Following a wild chase, he ended up in the basement of a home on the 2700 block of Bryant Avenue South. He didn't come out alive, and two officers were left injured with gunshot wounds, but what exactly happened remains controversial.

Franklin's family members and the attorney representing them allege police had no need to shoot Franklin multiple times and kill him. They allege evidence was planted at the scene and that cops essentially murdered Franklin execution-style. On the other hand, the account of events leaked to the media by authorities portrays the situation as one where officers shot Franklin because they had good reason to believe he was about to shoot them.

As we told you about in August, it's standard for cases like Franklin's to go before a grand jury. Grand juries, however, aren't required to hear both sides of a case, and Franklin's family previously indicated they're likely to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the city regardless of today's decision.

As police cornered Franklin in the Bryant Avenue basement, a police SUV racing to the scene struck and killed a motorcyclist named Ivan Romero. MPD officials have also denied any officer wrongdoing in that case.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Here's what Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman had to say this afternoon about the cover up allegations being made by the attorney representing Franklin's family:

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