Ten Great Rap Albums from 2006

Hell Hath No Fury
Borderline-irreverent tales of coke trade, consumption, and anxiety with the Neptunes' hottest/weirdest beats in ages.

The Coup
Pick a Bigger Weapon
Boots Riley, Cali's smoothest MC next to Snoop, takes the limp defeatism out of leftist resistance; his bop gun weighs a ton.

My Ghetto Report Card
The warble-voiced Bay vet spreads hyphy nationwide and slings hooks for days like Kareem in stunna goggles.

Ghostface Killah
Reimagining the '80s crack explosion as '70s R&B noir, with Atlantis hallucinations and sass-mouth kids filling in the picture.

J Dilla
A producer's own eulogy, a life in samples flashing before his ears.

Killer Mike
I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind
OutKast protégé lives up to his Dirty South Ice Cube potential on this indie-released sophomore record—a double CD, and justifiably so.

Punk-rock rap, if not quite the way the Cold Crush Brothers pictured it—angry, funny, and fierce.

The Roots
Game Theory
Smart like Phrenology but without the ponderous bits; bangs like The Tipping Point but without the compromise.

Spank Rock
These B-More geeks could be joking, but they're laughing with bounce-rap and booty-bass hedonism, not at it.

Boasts the track of the year ("What You Know") plus a handful of contenders, with fillers that are better than most recent platinum records' buzz singles.

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