Tempted to donate $30,400 for Coleman/Franken court costs? FEC says OK

We've all got an extra $30,400 hanging out somewhere in the basement or under the bed just waiting to be used for a special moment. What better way to spend your hard-earned cash than to help Norm Coleman and Al Franken fight to the death in court?

The Federal Election Commission said Monday that donors can help pay the bills for the top-dollar legal battle even if they donated the maximum amount during the campaign. Just what we've been waiting for.

Coleman and Franken both asked for this FEC decision, which allows national party organiations to help pay the expenses for the trial and the likely appeal at the Minnesota Supreme Court. While the latest numbers on fundraising haven't been released, the campaigns combined are estimated to have raised $11 million since the election, says the

Star Tribune


More from the Strib:

The decision, called an advisory opinion, gives them another chance to tap their most affluent and passionate supporters even if they already gave maximum contributions during the election year. For instance, a person who gave the maximum contribution of $30,400 to a national Democratic or Republican party organization this year can now give the same maximum to a party recount and trial fund for one of the candidates. The party organization can use the fund to help the candidate pay his expenses.

Similarly, a political committee could give another $15,000 to such a fund even if it gave the maximum amount during the campaign.

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