Tell us your adoption story

class=img_thumbleft>Beth Hawkins' cover story, The Adoption Scam, discusses the perils prospective parents faced when attempting to adopt children from other parts of the world through Reaching Arms International. An excerpt: "But when the Spurbecks arrived in Kyiv last December, they felt like characters in a Kafka novel... A woman in her late 20s showed them pictures of sibling groups, then of four individual girls—the only orphans in the country eligible for adoption, she insisted. The Spurbecks were told they had one hour to choose a child. When the couple pressed to see more files, the woman jumped up and grabbed a three-ring binder from the top of a filing cabinet. She stabbed a finger at the photos and hissed, 'Has cerebral palsy. Invalid. Can't eat. Can't sit up.' Then she looked up at the couple and sneered: 'You must not be ready to adopt if you cannot make a decision.'" Read the cover story, then come back to discuss the piece, as well as the difficulties and triumphs parents experience when attempting to adopt.