Teisha Randle was downing straight vodka night she ran over Augsburg student, charges say

New evidence suggests Randle (right) was drunk when she ran over and killed Conley (left) in the Warehouse District.
New evidence suggests Randle (right) was drunk when she ran over and killed Conley (left) in the Warehouse District.

Teisha Randle faces a new criminal vehicular homicide charge after evidence emerged that she was drinking heavily the night she ran over and killed 20-year-old Augsburg student Austin Conley in the Warehouse District.

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On October 27, Randle, 27, was at a friend's birthday party at the Imperial Room before she got behind the wheel and ran over Conley around 2:45 a.m. She was arrested the next day. The revised criminal complaint includes testimony from people who were with Randle the night of the accident. They say Randle was drinking vodka straight from the bottle before she and the rest of her party headed to downtown Minneapolis.

An MPR report from late October details the original criminal vehicular homicide charges filed against Randle:

The charges allege Randle hit Conley in the crosswalk on 3rd Street at First Avenue. Witnesses told police the driver of the car that hit him swerved into the middle of the street and cut off another car at a high rate of speed before hitting Conley. They said the car struck Conley a second time when he fell to the ground. Witnesses told police the car never slowed down and fled to a nearby freeway ramp.

Conley died of his injuries at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Randle told police she had been at a birthday party at a downtown bar, and thought someone had thrown [a rock] at her car as she drove through the area. Police also said they found her car hidden in a garage in St. Paul.

And a Star Tribune report details the new allegation:

In interviews with police, people who were with Randle that evening at a friend's house said she was drinking directly from a bottle of peach-flavored vodka before they headed to the Imperial Room in the Warehouse District for a birthday celebration.

While at the club, a bottle of vodka was ordered for the table and Randle was seen having at least one vodka drink. As they all left the club, a witness noted that Randle "was wobbling as she walked," the complaint read. Another person in the group told officers that she was concerned about Randle's ability to drive...

Along with the new charge, two other counts of criminal vehicular homicide remain, one for driving in a grossly negligent manner and another for leaving the scene. She remains free on bail pending a court hearing in March.

Randle was convicted of driving drunk in Minneapolis in June 2006.

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