Teen's skunk prank goes bad, so he pulls out a gun instead


It's one thing to have a straight-up dumb prank fall flat, but it's another when your next plan of action involves threatening everyone with a shotgun.

A Gilbert teen was sentenced to three years probation in a prank gone terribly bad. Jack Lee Johnson, 19, said he was sincerely remorseful for his actions, but that wasn't enough to save him from punishment.

Johnson decided it would be funny to place a dead skunk on his 20-year-old sister's car in the parking lot of a gas station. His sister or one of her two friends threw the skunk back at his car when they found it.

So what does Johnson do? Get extremely upset and whip out a 12.-gauge shotgun and pointed it at his sister and her two teenage friends.

More from the Duluth News Tribune:

Officers responding to the scene took the matter seriously from the start. People in the parking lot were ordered to lie on the ground until it could be determined whether anyone was carrying a firearm. Johnson was located, and the weapon was in his vehicle.

As part of a plea agreement, the defendant pleaded guilty to two counts of terroristic threats, and the other charges were dismissed.

As conditions of probation, Martin ordered Johnson to complete anger-management therapy, remain employed full time or in school and to have no contact with firearms during the three years of probation. He also fined Johnson $385.