Teen's prank ends in samurai sword stabbing, police say

Nicholas Lee Curtis
Nicholas Lee Curtis

It was the classic high school prank: two boys in Anoka, Minnesota, playing around with a few rolls of toilet paper, covering a friend's house, lawn, and trees with the stuff. Little did they know, Nicholas Lee Curtis was watching. And he had a sword.

Curtis wasn't in the house that the teenagers were pranking. But he lived with his mother a few doors down. One of the pranksters parked his car only a few feet away, and that was enough.

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According to the criminal complaint, what happened next was sudden and gruesome. Curtis saw the teens moving outside and "at one point felt threatened." So, according to the victim, Curtis grabbed a large samurai sword, rushed out of the house, and chased him and his friend into their nearby car.

But Curtis wasn't done. From there, he unleashed on the car. He used the sword to smash the glass in the passenger window, then stabbed one of the pranksters over and over again. The gashes were everywhere, the complaint says -- arms, ribs, back. It ended with the victim alive but bleeding at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids. And it ended with Curtis in Anoka County jail, facing two counts of assault.

We're still left with all sorts of questions. What angered Curtis so much about the toilet paper prank? Why did he break into the car? Why a samurai sword? We reached out to his family to try to understand what happened, but they wouldn't say anything.

Curtis's next court appearance is September 24. Maybe we'll learn more then.

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