Teens charged in girl's videotaped beating [VIDEO]

Cassandra Borden, 18, was the lead attacker in the revenge beating.

Cassandra Borden, 18, was the lead attacker in the revenge beating.

It seemed unlikely that a pack of St. Francis teenagers would get away with the assault of Sydney DeTenancour in late June.

The unprovoked attack on 15-year-old Sydney was videotaped by her assailants, and somehow made its way back to DeTenancour's mom. Some 500,000 video views later, it's safe to say what happened in the woods that Friday night was out, and not easily disappeared or forgotten.

Two teenage girls have been charged for their roles in jumping, punching, and cutting DeTennancour's hair. The victim's $500 phone was also destroyed, resulting in a property crime.

Cassandra Borden, 18, is charged with misdemeanor fifth-degree assault and fourth-degree property damage, according to the Star Tribune. Borden was the first and lead assailant against DeTennancour that night, having confronted the younger girl for her her being present with "[Borden's] man" when he'd been arrested for DWI. 

Another woman, Alexis Nelson, is facing a fifth-degree assault for the moment when she adds insult to injury, taking a scissors and cutting off chunks of DeTennancour's hair. A third assailant was charged, but is a juvenile, and her name was not made public when charges were filed in Anoka County District Court on Friday.

Criminal complaints indciate both Borden and Nelson admitted to cops what they'd done, with Borden saying she'd hit DeTenancour around 20 times. (That's underestimating, but probably admission enough.) Kim Nelson, mother to the hair-cutting Alexis, says her 19-year-old daughter was "very remorseful" for snipping the 15-year-old's hair, and had called Sydney DeTenancour to apologize the day after it happened.

"There was drinking involved," Kim Nelson says, "and she just got egged on."

That all it takes?