Teens accused of killing deer with bat, screwdriver

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Teens accused of killing deer with bat, screwdriver

Three Twin Cities high school students are charged after allegedly murdering a deer by beating it with a baseball bat and stabbing it with a screwdriver in March. The teens claim they hit it with their truck and it didn't die so they tried to put it out of its misery. An official who visited the scene said there was no sign the deer was hit by a truck.

Minn. 'iTunes taxes' causing a stir in the Legislature

The Minnesota Legislature is considering a digital-tax bill that would add sales taxes to digital products. That would include music, movies, books and ring tones sold online. Gov. Tim Pawlenty strongly opposes new taxes, but the proposal would raise $1.4 million next year and more in the following years.

River clean up shows no signs of missing St. Thomas student

The annual Minneapolis Earth Day Watershed Cleanup, which drew hundreds of volunteers Saturday, turned up no new clues in the disappearance of St. Thomas freshman Dan Zamlen. He has been missing since April 5.

Homeless might still be homeless in 2010

Minnesota's plan to put the state's 4,000 homeless in homes by 2010 appears to have hit a bump in the road: this thing called the economy. Officials say the tough economic conditions and the tight real estate market aren't exactly working in the state's favor.

N.D. journalist sentenced to eight years in Iranian prison for spying

The North Dakota journalist who has been in an Iranian jail for alleged spying for the United States was sentenced to eight years in prison during a one-day trial behind closed doors. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Roxana Saberi should have a full defense during her appeal. Sen. Amy Klobuchar says she is actively working to have Saberi set free.