Teen who refused chemo almost done with treatment, free of court order


The 13-year-old Minnesota boy who made national headlines when he was forced by a court order to undergo chemotherapy and radiation for his cancerous tumor is nearly done with treatment, getting healthy, and almost free of the court oversight.

Daniel Hauser and his family had wanted to use natural methods to cure his Hodgkin's lymphoma, but his oncologist filed a medical neglect petition against his family for refusing chemotherapy. A judge ruled that Hauser must undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

A Brown County district judge ruled Monday to dismiss the petition once Hauser is done with treatments Nov. 6. He is still undergoing some radiation. Doctors said his chest tumor is gone and Hauser appears to be regaining strength and energy.

More from the Pioneer Press:

"There's no evidence of continued medical neglect," said Joseph Rymanowski, the attorney for Hauser's parents. "It's time to let this family go."

Outside the courthouse in New Ulm, Daniel's father, Anthony, gave credit to the "total program" of care, including alternative remedies and Daniel's healthy diet that he said made the doctor-recommended treatments work better.

"It's a good thing to see," Anthony Hauser said. "We definitely want him up and around and strong and healthy."