Teen who allegedly stomped Widstrand's face during mob beating ID'd thanks to bloody shoes

Widstrand was beaten near the intersection of Payne and Minnehaha avenues.
Widstrand was beaten near the intersection of Payne and Minnehaha avenues.

Three teenagers were charged yesterday in connection with the brutal August 4 East Side mob beating of St. Paul resident Ray Widstrand.

THE BACKSTORY: Ray Widstrand, St. Paul gang beating victim, still hospitalized, unconscious

Cindarion Butler, 16, and two 15-year-olds who haven't been identified because of their age have been charged with first-degree assault, first-degree aggravated robbery, and committing a crime for the benefit of a gang. Charges against the trio come days after 19-year-old Isaac Maiden was charged with the same set of crimes in connection with the incident.

The charges filed against the teens provide a few new details about the chain of events surrounding Widstrand's beating. From the Star Tribune:

A witness said Butler was the person who was jumping on Widstrand's face. A bus video shows Butler boarding a bus near Edgerton Street and Reaney Avenue with two females, according to the complaint. One of the females tells Butler, "you was fighting with him, you got blood and sh** on your shoes." Butler then looks at his tennis shoes and wipes them. A female is also heard saying, "Yeah, that's blood."

Butler told police he didn't attend the party.

The Pioneer Press reports that prosecutors were able to identify Butler in part because when they questioned him, "the pants worn by the young man in the video matched the pants he was wearing -- down to a tear at the right knee."

Prosecutors believe the fight that culminated in Widstrand's brutal beating began when revelers gathered to watch girls fight outside a house party. Charging documents claim that when Widstrand tried to walk through the crowd, a 15-year-old smacked him in the head with a can in a sock, and he was assaulted and robbed from there.

Authorities believe many of the teens involved in the East Side melee are members East Side Boys gang or affiliated groups.

Meanwhile, well over a week after the incident, Widstrand remains in critical condition. Here's an update from his CaringBridge profile published this morning:

Ray opened and closed one eye this morning!! Doctors are running some tests to see if it was just a small reaction to light or if he may have been able to see out of one eye. We will take this news as a move in the right direction! However, Ray is still in critical condition and is struggling to overcome a small fever right now.

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